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A Travel to Shenzhen Landscape Pastoral Farms

The culture, teamwork and cohesiveness of a company means a lot. In order to strengthen the communication and coordination of all the departments, and give awards to those who work so hard, our company decided to organize a happy travel. After learning this, everyone in our company was full of excitement and looking forward to it.

Thanks to the company's careful arrangement and plan, on August 24th, 2014, our luxury bus was driving to Shenzhen landscape pastoral farms. During the trip on the bus, all of us laughed and talked with great delight. Undoubtedly, everyone in the bus was particularly grateful to the company for this tour.

An hour later, we stepped into the "paradise", and the beautiful pastoral scenery is shown forward: The ripples of the lakes in the wizard were just like the girl's bright and silent eyes; The green trees beside the lake gently touched the flowing water.

Look! We boated together hardly with laughter reverberating across the lake!

What fun! The stimulating big pendulum! Presumably only these few brave and dynamic young people dare to play it !

Who could challenge this one? Wow, Andjoy was taking photo on his trip. How brave he is !

Look, everyone was business elite, and everyone was ecstatic!

Yahoo! At the sight of wonderful lunch we started drooling. Look at them! How funny they were!

Yeah! It was so comfortable and relaxed to enjoy a hot spring after a exhausted day!

Come on, Everybody! Look at me with smile! Let’s take a big picture!

There the evening came unconsciously, and we were a little bit tired but happy all the way. Then our luxury bus started the engine again and headed towards to our company. And our tour to Shenzhen Landscape Pastoral Farms was over with great happiness.

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