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A wonderful review of the 2018 Russian MIPS Exhibition
published date: 2018/5/28      Hits: 1445

      In March 20th, the twenty-fourth session of the four day 2018 Moscow International Public Safety Exhibition was opened at the Moscow Ruby Convention and Exhibition Center, with more than 500 exhibitors from more than twenty countries and regions around the world joined the event.
      About MIPS:MIPS exhibition is sponsored by the world's famous ITE GROUP PLC exhibition company. MIPS is famous for its professional and large scale. It is the most authoritative and most authoritative safety and fire exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe. In order to expand the impact of China's security products and technology in the Russian market, the exhibition organizers set up the Chinese Pavilion at the exhibition in 2006 to expand the impact of China's security products and technology in the Russian market. HFWVISION has participated in the MIPS Exhibition for three consecutive years, providing an opportunity for enterprises to explore the Russian market. The exhibition lineup has grown unprecedentedly, not only supporting the development of MIPS, but also showing the vigorous development momentum of the security industry.
      As an excellent CCTV camera manufacturer in China, HFWVISION security tradition and home intelligent products stand out in many security products, and have been highly recognized by many guests at home and abroad. The exhibition has consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, and has also explored a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for developing the international market.
      During the four days exhibition, HFWVISION has attracted numerous exhibitors, and the staff also always communicate with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the products are vividly shown under the excellent speech and demonstration of Daisy staff, and the quality products and excellent quality are not only attracted. A large number of visitors have also been recognized by domestic and foreign merchants. At the same , also expressed a strong willingness to cooperate with the company.
      As an excellent security enterprise in Shenzhen, HFWVISION has made a great success of this exhibition. Thank you for the popularity and praise of your customers. We will always provide you with better quality products and more innovative solutions in the field of security. It is also believed that HFWVISION overseas road will get better and better and establish its own advantages in competition.

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