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Hfwvision 2016 Annual Conference
published date: 2017/2/17      Hits: 2762

Golden Chicken herald the break of day,ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year,In a moment to a new year, review 2016, under the correct leadership of the company, With the solidarity of all staff,According to the ideas of organization at all levels, goals, work hard, and actively work. 2016 is a meaningful, valuable and rewarding year. to this end,In order to appreciate the company for its platform, in order to enhance the group cohesion, Hfwvision Technology Co. Ltd,  all the staff of the organization in January 19, 2017 to participate in the company activities.

Party scene raffle gift

At 7 pm, all the company employees held the annual meeting celebration in the industrial park,Up to four hours of wonderful performance,Full staff participation, solidarity,This activity not only strengthens the enterprise culture, improves the cohesion of all the staff, the centripetal force

On-site leadership speech

Many surprises, many awards

Exciting lottery activities, Many employees have won prizes

Awarded outstanding staff Award

All the employees together, have a good time

The little girl plays the piano

The party, all the employees were very happy. The employee's smile is the appreciation of the performers,

Let us work together to create a brilliant future.

Finally, thank all! I wish you all success, peace, and happiness in the new year and beyond

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